tirsdag 4. oktober 2011

Progpower USA - the ultimate concert experience

I wrote this about right after I came back from our performance at Progpower festival 2010. At the time I did not have a blog, but now I do...Then it is only natural that this becomes my first blog entry.

This article is not about prog power from an audience point of view, but from an artist’s point of view. The experience of playing at progpower USA was so awesome. The audience gave so much of themselves that I feel I want to give something in return by writing this.

Illusion Suite_Progpower 2010
Illusion Suite_Progpower 2010

As the vocalist in Illusion Suite I have to say that this is the best arrangement we have played at. The audience was extremely dedicated and meeting them was somehow like meeting parts of our family.

One of the things that made it especially exiting to be an artist at this arrangement was the myriad of back stage area and VIP bars. It sometimes felt like being in an ants mound where the artist, as the queen, had access to the whole place, and it really took some time to get to know all the hidden back door and corridors.

Illusion Suite at progpower 2010

What was unique for us with the progpower experience was the moment when the into to our set played, before the curtains had opened up. I remember the crowd started to cheer. One could not really see the people out there; just hear the cheering of the crowd.  That was the time when I really started to get nervous…

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