lørdag 24. mars 2012

Guitar recording Illusion Suite

Hello to all Illusion Suite fans and other music lovers!

The spring is slowly blooming in Norway and so is the project of recording Illusion Suite's second album. As of now we are completely done with 4 songs on vocal. With exemption of one song we have finished all the lyrics. 

We are currently working simuntaneously on bass, vocal and synth. On bass we have a couple of songs down, and the synth is about 50% done. 

We are going to present the audience with 4 movies that gives a glimpse into the production of this album. 

The first movie comes here and is showing the guitar recording, which was done in nov/des 2011. It was particularly challenging because we had to make the guitar fit both the vocal and drums that was already in place. I am happy to say that this turned out better than we even had dared to hope. 

We are extremely satisfied with Kims guitar when it comes to both sound, riffs and energy.