tirsdag 4. oktober 2011

Illusion Suite – past, present and future

For Illusion Suite things went very fast once we figured out that it was not possible to work together any more. On one hand it was a great relief because things had gotten so bad that it was difficult to get anything done. On the other hand it was a shame because the album was 90 percent finished. We had only little more than to compose about 30 percent of the vocal and it would all be done.

After the break up we immediately started to look for a new guitar player. We didn’t get to try many people before the right one came along. Kim Jacobsen played drums, guitar and had even won the world champion chip in Prog metal together with his band “It’s the end”. Talking to the guy he also seemed very motivated and ready to go. So left now was only to try the actual recording. He fired up the guitar and recorded a song in a few days. It sounded smashing and he was unquestionable the right man for the job.

Kim Jacobsen Illusion Suite

So now, as it is, we have about 6 songs to complete with guitar and about 4 songs to complete with vocals before the album is finished. We estimate to have the recordings finished before February starts so this will mean that the album will be in the stores around may or june 2012.

For those who are interested in a glimpse even further into the future I am also working on a project together with Andreas Ravnestad. This will be a project outside Illusion Suite. However the project is called: “Discovering Illusion Suite” and is about a journey through space and time to find out what “Illusion Suite” really is. The project is nearly finished as there is only one more song to compose before the whole concept is complete.

September 2011

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  1. I'm really looking forward to your new album! You know it's not really my favourite genre, but I gladly make an exception for Illusion Suite :D