fredag 23. desember 2011

New Design

I have a brand new design from Anestis Goudas which works in Derz Design on this blog ( What do you guys think? Hope to get some feedback here.

Have a merry christmas, everybody.
God Jul, alle sammen

onsdag 14. desember 2011

Når du er syk

Når du er syk
hvem skal da drikke 
av mitt beste krystall?
Når du er syk
hvem skal sitte 
på min dronning-stol?
Hvem kan jeg da regne med?
Og jeg som hadde tatt frem 
min beste ost

lørdag 10. desember 2011

Pirates House – Feelings versus logic and common sense (Chapter II)

Continues from blog posted in November…

One of the first time I was going to be responsible for Pirates House alone I had some problems adapting to the thai way of doing things. I was in charge of a pretty big group of staff and I did not have much experience on how to manage thai people.

I remember one of the toughest girls among the staff crying out of the blue. Let us call her KK for the sake of this story. I asked myself if I did anything to cause her to cry and I concluded that I did not, so I assumed it was some kind of personal problems she had. Despite of this I could not free myself from the feeling that I was somehow responsible for KK’s weeping.

However, the very next day this whole scenario repeated itself. She cried without any apparent reason, and then I knew instantly that I had done something to cause this, but I knew that she would not dare to tell me.

I asked her friends and colleagues and I finally managed to squeeze out of them why she was crying. Apparently she was crying because I told her to come on time and not change shift unless she consulted me first.

I remembered that I had told KK the two previous days before, very calm, that she had to check with me before she changed shifts, and timings of the shifts, around because I had to know who was going to be there at what time. Even though I did not show the slightest sign of anger this had caused her to cry.

The funny thing is that this is a girl I had to fire a few years later because she hit the cook right in the face while I was watching. Why? Because the cook had let one of the managers know that KK had been drinking while working, and this was something she was reprimanded for.

onsdag 7. desember 2011

Jeg ler av "dette"

Jeg ler med en latter 
langt inne i sinnet av “dette”, 
for det er galskap,
og i oktobersola smelter landskapet 
sammen med tankebildet mitt.

søndag 4. desember 2011

Saint Deamon – the best live band in the world?

“Saint Deamon” is a not so well known band from Sweden and Norway. The style of music they play can be characterized as party metal and in my opinion it is more progressive rock than progressive metal.

The band has released two full-length albums. However it is not their recordings that I want to praise them for. If you want to see a really, really dedicated live band you should absolutely check these guys out. This is the absolute best live band I have seen.

Their technical performance is not beyond anything else, but they are truly authentic and they have a karma filled with enthusiasm and pure pleasure when playing on stage. This is something that is really rare to see in bands that has been playing for a while and they can manage to attract listeners that are not all that intested in the music in the first place.

Under normal circumstances most bands ends up playing on routine and without much playfulness, but “Saint Deamon” plays all their gigs as if it was their first live performance.

I’m not talking about making big gestures on stage and being cool. With Saint Deamon it really shines through that they love playing. This is especially true with the bass player, Magnus Nordberg, or “Nobby” as he is called among friends (to the left)

The vocalist, Jan Tore Grefstad (number two from right), is also known from the band “Highland Glory”. He is, in my opinion, one of the most (if not the most) interesting Norwegian vocalists within the genre:

For more info info on their future live shows check them out online. I know they are playing in Europe this summer.