mandag 23. juni 2014

Norwegian Poem musified

"At du lo høgt av gldeje"

A friend came to me around 2005 and showed me a norwegian poem he had made a song out of with his guitar. He wanted me to put some more arrangements on it, and I did. The song has been laying around in my archive on my computer since then until I heard it now recently and thought it had something magical about it. Check it out for yourself and tell me what you think.

torsdag 12. desember 2013

Music from the Mountains (recorded in Nepal, Kathmandu)

In 2003 I went to Kathmandu to record an album in Nepal. There were very few plans and most of the work with the arrangement of the music was done in Kathmandu during the six week long stay. Instruments such as Sarangi, Citar, Didgeridoo, Tabula and wooden flute were among the ethnic instruments used in this recording. We also had a sextet violin section playing for us. In Norway the vocal, gitar and a few other things were recorded the following year, and the CD released on Plate Record in 2004. 

There was also recorded a music video for "Sanidapa", but after ten years of trying to get a hold of this video I finally had to realize that it was lost for good. The album was sold online for about 6-8 years after its release, but the record company completely neglected the project and after spending around 15 - 20 000 dollars on the project they just pulled out of it and was not interested any more. 

I am happy that the project was came into being, although I would have hoped to finish the music video. However, after ten years of trying to locate and retrieve the raw material for the music video I decided to make my own interactive videos. Hope you guys enjoy this ten years anniversary, and please leave a comment, preferable on youtube, if you do. 

If anyone is interested it is still possible to get the project as a whole digitally. Please contact me on facebook for such a request. 

torsdag 25. juli 2013

Illusion Suite Trailer

Here is a movie I made just for fun after the band had a pre-listening party. Since the party was filmed it would be fun to make a movie out of it. At the same time I realized that just making a ordinary movie about the pre-listening for the press could be quite boring, so I made a little twist to it.

fredag 1. mars 2013

Illusion Suite - Album sample from "The Iron Cemetery"

Hi guys

Here is the album sample for "The Iron Cemetery" by Illusion Suite. This version is a new video version. Please share your comments. More info:

lørdag 16. februar 2013

Why thinking is bad for you

Human thinking has definitely brought our civilization to greater depths. For most people, however, thinking can often become an albatross around our neck in our day to day life.

It is a good thing to have an education and be able to better understand the things that are going on around us, but what good is that if you are controlled by your thoughts rather than you controlling them?

Have you ever noticed that you are lost in thought, unable to break loose from the same cycle of thoughts repeating itself over and over again? Don't worry, this is quite normal. As long as you become aware of it you will slowly start to break with this pattern.

When your mind is in the future or the past you are not fully connected with the present moment and your body. You are living your life in a projected future or a past that no longer exists. This is when you are beginning to loose touch with yourself. However, this is so normal that most people do it without even realizing it.

What can be done about it? Focusing on your body by either paying full attention to what you are doing at the present moment or focusing on specific body parts and "feel them".