torsdag 12. desember 2013

Music from the Mountains (recorded in Nepal, Kathmandu)

In 2003 I went to Kathmandu to record an album in Nepal. There were very few plans and most of the work with the arrangement of the music was done in Kathmandu during the six week long stay. Instruments such as Sarangi, Citar, Didgeridoo, Tabula and wooden flute were among the ethnic instruments used in this recording. We also had a sextet violin section playing for us. In Norway the vocal, gitar and a few other things were recorded the following year, and the CD released on Plate Record in 2004. 

There was also recorded a music video for "Sanidapa", but after ten years of trying to get a hold of this video I finally had to realize that it was lost for good. The album was sold online for about 6-8 years after its release, but the record company completely neglected the project and after spending around 15 - 20 000 dollars on the project they just pulled out of it and was not interested any more. 

I am happy that the project was came into being, although I would have hoped to finish the music video. However, after ten years of trying to locate and retrieve the raw material for the music video I decided to make my own interactive videos. Hope you guys enjoy this ten years anniversary, and please leave a comment, preferable on youtube, if you do. 

If anyone is interested it is still possible to get the project as a whole digitally. Please contact me on facebook for such a request. 

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