tirsdag 15. januar 2013

Why relationships break down

Words of wisdom from Eckhart Tolle (interpreted by Bill Makatowicz)

It is quite common to play roles in the beginning in a romantic relationship. Both parts "play" the part that they think the other person want them to play. Usually this all happens at an unconscious level. However, role play is pretty hard work and and one can not keep this up forever.

When the fictive characters of the roles break down the other partner sees that which was hiding behind the role: fair of not being good enough, insecurity and anger that the partner did not fulfil the other person.

What is commonly referred to as "falling in love" is in most cases an addiction to the image of another person. This has nothing to do with true love which does not contain any wanting whatsoever.

To express love in in Spanish they most commonly use the expression "the quiero", which means "I want you". The expression "the amo" translate directly to "I love you", but this is rarely used in the Spanish language, perhaps because true love is rare.

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