mandag 2. januar 2012

New vocal amp for the Illusion Suite recording

Hello guys. This Christmas I was going to try out my new vocal amp that I purchased to record the second Illusion Suite album, so I decided to record a few christmas carols as christmas presents for my family.

Unfortunately I had a brand new vocal amp that broke down three times after it had just been fixed. The last time it broke down it was as I was recording these christmas songs. Now, the good news is that I was offered the model that is one step up with free shipping because of all the problems.

First I thought I would present these songs only to my family, but then I figured: why here it is: My own version of "Have yourself a merry little christmas":

 Have yourelf a merry little christmas by Bill Makatowicz

And with this I want to wish everybody a happy new year. May it be a year in the sign of the metal gods, he, he

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