lørdag 10. desember 2011

Pirates House – Feelings versus logic and common sense (Chapter II)

Continues from blog posted in November…

One of the first time I was going to be responsible for Pirates House alone I had some problems adapting to the thai way of doing things. I was in charge of a pretty big group of staff and I did not have much experience on how to manage thai people.

I remember one of the toughest girls among the staff crying out of the blue. Let us call her KK for the sake of this story. I asked myself if I did anything to cause her to cry and I concluded that I did not, so I assumed it was some kind of personal problems she had. Despite of this I could not free myself from the feeling that I was somehow responsible for KK’s weeping.

However, the very next day this whole scenario repeated itself. She cried without any apparent reason, and then I knew instantly that I had done something to cause this, but I knew that she would not dare to tell me.

I asked her friends and colleagues and I finally managed to squeeze out of them why she was crying. Apparently she was crying because I told her to come on time and not change shift unless she consulted me first.

I remembered that I had told KK the two previous days before, very calm, that she had to check with me before she changed shifts, and timings of the shifts, around because I had to know who was going to be there at what time. Even though I did not show the slightest sign of anger this had caused her to cry.

The funny thing is that this is a girl I had to fire a few years later because she hit the cook right in the face while I was watching. Why? Because the cook had let one of the managers know that KK had been drinking while working, and this was something she was reprimanded for.

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