lørdag 5. november 2011

Eating Italian food is like listening to music

Making it must be like composing music…” This was my thought when eating Italian food in London a few days ago. I felt a little bit like Hannibal Lector when I closed my eyes and enjoyed the food and music in utterly silence, alone in the restaurant. It is quite rare to experience such a sensational feeling when eating.

What is so fascinating about Italian food is that you can go around all of Italy, and other places in the world for that matter, and never get the same Italian pizza or the same Italian pasta twice. The chefs all have different ways of making their food, yet they stick to a core that makes you realize in an instant that you have been served by an Italian cook.

I haven’t gotten the chance to eat a lot of the “pure” Italian food up until now, recently. After a trip to Italy this summer I realized that food is the number one reason to visit Italy. Actually it was better than all the Catholic churches and all the other tourists stuff combined.

So if you still haven’t been to Italy go there to get a taste of the food. There is no other country with such a distinct culture for food. However, if you go to Venice don’t go see the show: “The story of Venice”. And if you go to Corleone don’t talk about the mafia. And if you go to Rimini don’t expect to go out partying. And first and foremost: Don’t buy tickets on first class train thinking you will have a comfortable trip when you in fact have to stand so close to people the whole trip that you cannot even sit down on the floor. But do enjoy your dinner! 

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